While most high school students won’t be able to vote in this election, they can make a difference to stand up for the weakest and most vulnerable:

  1. Get informed by visiting these websites, in addition to this one:
  2. Share information you heard today with parents and other adults!
    Make sure they understand this is not about comfort measures, stopping pain, or helping someone die peacefully. It’s about sending someone home ALONE with 100 capsules to DIE.
  3. Post a video EVERYDAY from now until election day!
    You can find videos HERE and Father Matt’s Blog. Post it on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and text it out to everyone you know.
  4. If you are passionate about being there in someone’s darkest hours talk to your neighbor’s, friend and family!
    Make a goal of contacting 10 people in the next three days and telling them the whole Truth about Question 2. Once you do post to ONE’s Facebook page “I contacted 10 people and told them the Truth about Two.”
  5. Give out the Question 2 business cards!
    They are available at your parish. Give them to your coaches, school teachers, CCD teachers…everyone you possibly can!
  6. KNOW your life is precious and has a purpose!
    You are not a mistake but a gift from God – a blessing to this world Get to know this God who loves you and created you, and ask Him for the grace to love others around you.