Physician-Assisted Suicide: A Grave Injustice and Contrary to the Common Good

It facilitates “the deliberate and morally unacceptable killing of a human person” (Gospel of Life, n. 65).

It promotes a most insidious form of discrimination, especially against the disabled.

Certain people claim for “themselves the power to decide who ought to live and who ought to die” (Gospel of Life, n. 66).

It harms the integrity of the physician/patient relationship.

Why the Physician-Assisted Suicide Initiative Petition Should Be Opposed

“This Initiative Petition is a first step in Massachusetts toward legalizing physician-assisted suicide, effectively authorizing the killing of human beings prior to their natural death. The Roman Catholic Bishops of Massachusetts stand firm in the belief that a compassionate society should work to prevent suicide, which is always a terrible tragedy, no matter what form it may take.”

Statement of Massachusetts Catholic Conference

What Can Be Done to Oppose Physician-Assisted Suicide?

JOIN with other concerned citizens, including disability rights advocates and members of the healing professions, to stand for the dignity of people with serious illnesses and disabilities and to promote life-affirming solutions for their hardships.

PRAY for people who are seriously ill and dying and for their caregivers.

VISIT the sick which is one of the corporal works of mercy.

AVOID believing the misleading language of the “dignity,” “mercy,” or “compassion” of doctor-prescribed suicide.

WORK TOGETHER to build a civilization of love—a love which is stronger than death.